What you need to know starting this

 school year

WELCOME new families! First, I want to let each of you know how excited I am for this school year!  I take, very seriously, the responsibility that I have toward each of these amazing students and to each of you.  At Untapped, we strive to find each student’s strengths, interests, and what inspires, engages, and motivates them.  We create a fun and interactive environment with the right amount of challenge for each student.


FIRST WEEKS AT SCHOOL: The first weeks at school are so important in building our community.  We will spend this critical time getting to know ourselves and each other.  We teach the students how to find, foster, and appreciate unique “gifts and super powers” in their selves and in their friends!  Our Untapped community consists of staff, students, and families and is a very special group to be a part of.  We are supportive and without judgment and encourage all members of our community to be kind to yourselves and others by using your energy to regard and value various traits, abilities, skills, and differences that you discover in yourself and those around you.



  • a change of clothes in case of any accident (can leave at school or just in the bottom of their book bag)


    • A full water bottle so your child has access all day – we will refill as necessary

    • Lunch in an insulated lunchbox – if your child is staying all day or if you would like him/her to eat before heading home

    • Snacks WILL BE PROVIDED – but you are welcome to send in individual snacks for your child if you have special preferences or a picky eater

    • Afternoon/full-day kids will have a calm and relaxing period in the afternoon. Students are welcome to take a nap but certainly, it is not required.  They are welcome to bring some sort of blanket or comfort item for this.


ALLERGIES: Please make sure you contact me if your child has any allergies (food or otherwise) or restrictions so that they are safe during snacks and special projects.  


CONTACT: You should have received an email by this point, but we will be using the Tadpoles system to send you pictures and daily reports about what your child did during the day.  If you would like the other parent to also receive these emails, please let me know (I need a cell phone number and email address).  You may also give me the name and email address of anyone you would like me to add on your account as a “friend,” which would allow them to receive pictures only (not the daily report.)


IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY OR YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME OR YOUR CHILD DURING THE SCHOOL DAY, PLEASE CALL MY CELL PHONE: 317-753-6962. If you have something to discuss during the day and it is not an emergency, please text me and I will call you at my next available moment.


If arriving at typical pick up/drop off times, we will do our best to leave the doors unlocked for a few minutes to make it easier on everyone.  If you are arriving outside of those time frames, we will have the Ring doorbell at the west-side doors that will connect directly to my phone. Note: there is a regular doorbell already, but it connects to the entire church.