We are currently accepting applications and scheduling tours as well as introduction meetings for admission of 3 - 6 year old students for the fall of 2018.  


The first step in the application process is to contact us at and let us know a little bit about your child and what you are interested in.  We can then set up a time to get to know each other and to give you a tour of our school. If you are simultaneously interested in applying to Apogee School for the Gifted for an older sibling, we can always schedule that together for your convenience.  Admission is determined shortly after the introduction meeting.  If more information is required, we will let you know.   


After the student is offered admission from Untapped Preschool/Pre-K and subsequently accepted by family, we will complete an assessment that will help us create that individual curriculum and creation space.  

  • Newly renovated classroom (summer 2018)

  • Each student will have their own creation station in the classroom, completely designed to encourage and inspire self motivation with learning

  • Each creation station is constructed  for that individual student using their interests and strengths as a guideline

  • Creation stations will be adapted as their strengths enhance or change and their interests evolve

  • Teachers are all trained in the Spark Method 

  • Each student's curriculum is designed for them and therefore can move as quickly in any area as necessary 

  • Students will participate in specials like art, music, and Spanish

  • Learning will be fun and involve play but also appropriately challenging 

  • Very low child to teacher ratio