Untapped Private Preschool/Pre-K for Exceptional Leaners was founded in 2018 by Tiffany Fritz.  Tiffany became an Occupational Therapist in 2004 and is a mom to three young boys.  What she found over the years, is that of her three boys, there are obvious similarities but each of the boys is vastly different in their personalities, abilities, needs and of course, in their learning styles.  The same observations were made of the hundreds of children she has treated over the years.  She has yet to find two children that she could create an identical plan for. 


Tiffany also has spent much of her therapy career treating children in, or consulting with, day-cares, preschools, and schools where she seemed to always find a small number of children in each classroom that didn't quite fit the norm or didn't seem to be the right fit for that teacher.  She noticed that the most successful teachers/environments were those that attempted to be adaptable to each student.  Often in large class sizes, even with amazing teachers, there are generally a handful of students that are not set up to achieve THEIR potential.  


What does that look like at a young age? Well, sometimes, those students are even graded, scored and perform at a successful level as compared to their peers, but still aren't reaching THEIR potential.  Sometimes, those students are so incredibly intelligent or gifted in many areas, but have that one thing that holds them back.  And sometimes, those students are successful and gifted in many areas but just aren't being challenged. 


Tiffany believes that each child should have the opportunity to reach his/her FULL potential (even if that means their potential is different from their peers).  Tiffany met with David Bonner, head of Apogee School for the Gifted and the two quickly realized the complete alignment of their visions of creating programs that allow children to reach THEIR fullest potential in a respectful and creative environment.  Tiffany also enlisted the help of longtime friend, Kristine Barnett, Author of The Spark, so that Kristine could train Tiffany on The Spark Method.  As you can see in this interview, Kristine's method of teaching involves finding each child's spark or passion or strengths and using that to guide their learning.  Untapped Preschool/Pre-K was designed and created with the idea of finding each child's spark and giving them the opportunity to UNTAP and maximize THEIR potential.  

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."    -Albert Einstein          

Academic Goals 
  • Become inspired and independently motivated
  • Cultivate a love of learning
  • Develop and enhance problem solving skills
  • Improve phonetic awareness and early reading skills
  • Build a strong base for strategy and critical thinking skills 
  • Increase independence with personal skills 
  • Encourage persistence and grit
What we offer
  • Specials such as Art, Music, & Spanish
  • Endless opportunities for independent and collaborative learning
  • Caring, motivated, inspiring, and adaptable teachers
  • Respectful and kind environment

Is your child an exceptional learner? Do you often feel like your child is capable of more than the opportunities he/she is given? Untapped Preschool/Pre-K is now accepting applications and conducting interviews for children ages 3 - 6 to be enrolled in the fall of 2018.  To receive an application or to make an appointment for an interview, email Tiffany Fritz at tiffany.fritz@outlook.com

Our Mission

The mission of Untapped Private Preschool/Pre-K is to discover the individual strengths in each child to: UNTAP his or her potential, maximize success, independence and a love of learning, and to reach meaningful and personalized goals.